The Tel’Eco charter :
our contribution to ecology

We have chosen to build on the long term, investing respect for The Human and the planet. For this reason, Telenco has established its own environmental charter: Tel’Eco. Through this charter, we commit on a daily basis to adopt simple gestures that subscribe to an ecological approach:

  • Sort and recycle everyday waste (paper, cardboard, packaging, coffee pads...) at our workplace.
  • Consume with moderation the available material by reducing, for example, our printing or by developing the digital archiving.
  • Adapt heating or air conditioning and limit our electricity and water consumption.
  • Adopt alternative mobility and cut off transport-related greenhouse gas emissions
  • Choose distant meetings rather than car travels.

Read more about our Tel’Eco charter.

The Code of Ethical Conduct:
a more responsible company

With values based on respect and responsibility, we have established our code of ethical conduct with the aim to:

  • Protect the health of our employees
  • Promote mutual respect between our company’s different members
  • Protect data and everyone’s privacy
  • Actively contribute to the environment’s protection
  • Fight against fraud, money laundering or corruption

By complying to this code of ethical conduct, we state our will to be part of our company’s good functioning and to act for the social and ecological environment.
Read more about Code of Ethical Conduct

A proven social commitment

Telenco supports the organization "Les enfants de l’Ovale", founded by Philippe Sella, former player of the XV of France. Every year, Telenco takes part to the local community life by supporting sports organizations of the Voironnais county. Thus, we show our support to these organizations through financial participation and by organizing sporting events.

A more ethical policy for quality products

We pay a particular attention to the human and the environmental dimensions. To meet European quality and safety requirements, we manufacture our equipment in accordance with the CE standard. Furthermore, some chemicals may represent a danger to human health. To offer you only safety products, we control their compliance with the REACH regulation which lists the substances of concern.Also, by adhering to the American Dodd Franck law, we carefully control the origin of metals used in the composition of our products or those of our suppliers. Thus, we refuse all metals related to exploited people work and notably to child labor.

Quality and CSR within Group companies

Telenco networks

We have chosen to be evaluated and rated by certificate authority organizations in order to continuously improve our devoted actions to society and environment. Likewise, the evaluations made by these organizations help us to keep challenging ourselves to offer you quality products complying with current standards.

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001 is a guarantee of quality. It is also the standard that defines a company’s ability to continuously provide quality products and services, in compliance with applicable laws and meeting customers’ requirements. Taking this standard as a reference, we work on a daily basis to ensure better efficiency, quality and compliance for our products.


The EcoVadis certification is assigned to integrating and monitoring sustainable development practices in the purchasing process. With an expertise of the Corporate Social Responsibility area, the EcoVadis organization rates companies that aim for continuous improvement in their CSR performance. Telenco has been honored with the EcoVadis Gold certification, in recognition of its responsible commitment towards social, environmental and ethical causes.

Global Compact

Since 2016, we have taken the initiative to adhere to the 10 principles of Global Compact and to ensure the respect of their application within our company. Through actions that defines us, we constantly make sure to respect human rights as well as international labor standards, environments regulations and fight against corruptions laws.

Telenco distribution

We chose to be evaluated and rated by EcoVadis. This organization, a well-known authority in professional environments, evaluates companies from all over the world based on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) abilities.

Therefore, our EcoVadis Silver certification is the concrete proof that we are constantly working to improve our CSR performance.

Telenco services

Because our satisfaction could not be reached without the satisfaction of our customers, we ensure the conformity of our services and the quality of the provided training. The ISO 9001 standard is related to QMS ( Quality Management System). The development and competitivity of Telenco services is strictly related to trust established relations with our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, institutions, investors, employees etc.
Based on these principles, we have defined as our general QSE policy ( Quality, Security, Environment) and our statement the following values :

  • Professionalism
  • Team spirit
  • Quality and innovation
  • Responsability
  • Trust and proximity

Being certified ISO 9001, Telenco services states its ambition to bring a qualitative dimension to its provided trainings, in compliance with laws in force.

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