Telenco was born in 1999 under the name « Telenco -Telecommunications Engineering Company ». Ever since its creation the group registers a fast-pace growth due to the development of communications networks in France and abroad. From this rapid growth emerges the need of adapting Telenco’s offering to each one of its markets’ needs

Some key figures in 2016

150 employees
Presence in over 50 countries
Over 3.000 available references on stock
2016 turnover: 55 M €

Telenco represents today a group of three complementary companies. Each one of them is specialized in one particular telecommunications field:

Key figures :
création de la structureCreated in 1999
90 employees
2016 turnover : 29M €
2. 000 m² Manufacturing hub
6.700 m² Logistics hub

Telenco networks designs a range of solutions for wired copper and FO telecommunications networks in France and abroad. The company manufactures and assembles its products in Moirans (French Alps) and in Porto (Portugal) and exports to EMEA and South America markets.
Telenco networks is a leading brand on the market of accessories for fixing and connecting aerial copper and FO networks. With a particularly innovative R&D team, the company is a major player on the market of full-service solution for FTTH deployment in built-up and residential areas.
Telenco’s offering fully covers connectivity from external poles to the subscriber optical terminal port.

Key figures :
création de la structureCreated in 2011
50 employees
2016 turnover: 25 M€
30% annual growth
3.000 available references on stock
6000 m² Logistics hub

Telenco distribution is a specialized supplier for networks materials and technician’s equipment for telecom operators and their subcontractors. Its fast-pace and solid growth relies on sustainable partnerships with its clients as well as on responsible purchasing policy.
National coverage is ensured by office-based sales teams in Moirans (French Alps), Nanterre (Parisian Suburbs) and La Possession (Reunion Island). A team of experts and sales advisors is available in each French region in order to provide best technical prescription. The logistics hub based in Moirans enables Telenco to cover the entire territory.
Telenco distribution is constantly reinventing itself to provide innovative and suitable services to its customers : a network of agencies and showrooms, e-commerce platforms.

Key figures :
création de la structureCreated in 2012
6 salariés
2016 turnover : 1 million d’euros
A team of experts in Test & Measurement for telecom networks
A close parternership with manufacturers
Interventions in France and abroad

Telenco services offers a wide range of services for telecommunications networks metrology. The company is especially relying on its experts’ experiences and skills. Telenco services provides market and product knowledge to the group, that includes Telenco networks and Telenco distribution. This enables Telenco group to propose customers a full-service comprehensive offering, unique on the market.
With a constant technological monitoring and a proactive and independent collaboration with all market players, Telenco services is up to date with the latest innovations. This enables Telenco services to meet the concrete challenges of its customers.

Telenco services has made available a support website with a free access to full information on measurement devices for telecommunications networks.

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