Rainford Solutions

Rainford Solutions' racks, cabinets and enclosures are designed to meet the most demanding environments and applications across several industries: Fixed and Mobile telecom networks, Data Centre, Defence, Transportation, Energy and Utilities

Customisable products adapted to various environments

Rainford Solutions range of indoor and outdoor racks, cabinets and enclosures are supplied with 19 inch, ETSI or ANSI 23 Inch mounting options suitable for housing computer equipment, data storage and networking hardware. All of our products are designed and manufactuerd in the UK.

The range of enclosure solutions are designed for a range of environments including – thermal, RF/EMC, seismic, shock and vibration, Ingress Protection (IP) and physical security. These have been certified to global civilian and military standards.

Outdoor cabinet range available in different size options suitable for securely housing active electronic and fibre optic equipment in a temperature controlled environment.
Indoor rack and cabinet range available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Suitable for housing indoor telecom and data equipment in a secure and functional environment.
For the Railway industry, the CommSafe range provides a secure, thermally managed, water and dust proof housing for Station Information and Security Systems (SISS), such as CCTV, public address, and digital signage.
For the Railway industry, TrackSafe has been designed to meet Network Rail’s next generation location case standard for signalling equipment.

Benefits of Rainford Solutions products

Cost-effective solutions

Design customisation

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