Telenco operates in the Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa. Telenco Africa's headquarters, based in Cotonou in Benin, and its representative offices in Senegal and Ivory Coast, demonstrate Telenco's commitment to meeting the needs of the African market, combining operational efficiency and proximity to customers. The Group has a production unit in Tunisia.

Strategic locations for network deployment

Now that fibre optic networks are being quickly rolled out across Africa, Telenco has teams on the ground to advise customers on their projects. They can provide reliable, appropriate and sustainable solutions, and can provide training to help telecoms technicians upgrade their skills.

Telenco Africa

Supplier of network equipment and technician equipment for FTTx and data centre networks.

Telenco Ivory Coast

Representative office.

Telenco Senegal

Representative office and logistics hub.

Telenco networks Tunisie

Telenco Group production and assembly unit.

La Possession agency

Telenco's Reunion Island agency provides customers with advice and assistance.