Our values

Telenco has always placed customer satisfaction at the heart of its strategy, with the aim of providing long-term, effective solutions. At Telenco, inspiration comes from the recognition of our customers, for whom our teams are prepared to outperform.

High standards

High standards, a priority for us, are a strong differentiating and permanent factor at Telenco. They resonate throughout the company and permeate every level of the organisation: management, business processes, product development, service quality, project management, and more.

A culture of excellence has enabled Telenco to become a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of solutions for the deployment of fibre-optic networks in applications such as FTTH and FTTA. Development in data centres and private networks is also a major priority. Telenco's quality has always earned the trust of its partners.


The day-to-day life of the company is driven by the management of cross-functional projects that may involve several subsidiaries or departments. Whether it's the design of a new product or the rollout of a tool across all the subsidiaries, working in project mode means that people with complementary skills can work together towards a common goal.

This model, transposed to day-to-day organisation, promotes collective responsibility and commitment. It gives everyone a chance to contribute to the Group's success and fosters the positive energy and collective spirit that have always been Telenco's strength.

Moving forward

Telenco has been operating in a market undergoing constant transformation ever since its foundation. This requires agility and flexibility. The company has been challenging itself for 25 years to offer solutions that enable it to perform in the telecommunications sector.

Telenco also knows how to adapt its organisation to the contextual challenges and objectives it sets itself, relying on a plurality of skills and a pragmatic approach that encourages internal mobility.


Telenco has always cultivated a commitment to simple relationships and respect for others.

Listening and humility are the bedrock of Telenco's relationships with its employees, customers and suppliers, and it constantly strives to build solid and future-proof relationships with them.