The Telenco Group has sites on three continents. This international presence enables our teams to be as close as possible to their customers. Telenco also has production units, a training centre and a network engineering department, to provide a comprehensive and complete range of services.

Europe: where it all began

Telenco's story began in France, with its head office in the French Alps. Since then, the Group has expanded to other European countries and diversified its sites: agencies, production units, sales offices, logistics centres, etc. The integration of our value chain now means Telenco offers a complete range of services with regard to the maintenance and deployment of telecommunications networks.

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America: supporting the rollout network

Telenco has established a presence in Latin America and overseas territories. The Group can adapt to local particularities meaning it has now established itself as a key supplier to telecoms players in these regions. Thanks to its logistics and distribution centre, Telenco ensures proximity and responsiveness to develop the networks of today and tomorrow.
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Africa: manufacturing, training and marketing

Over the years, Telenco has expanded its presence in Africa by providing solutions specifically tailored to the continent. The Group is responding to the growing need for connectivity by setting up operations in strategic regions to market equipment, and also support telecoms players by offering appropriate training. Telenco also has a production unit on the continent, where operators assemble and manufacture products designed in the Group's various R&D centres.
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