In the United Kingdom, Telenco can count on its unit specialising in the manufacture of technical cabinets, cabinets and racks for network operators, integrators and equipment manufacturers. With 40 years' experience in the field, an experienced R&D department and integrated industrial facilities, the subsidiary has built its reputation on the UK market and is now looking to other European countries.

A fully integrated industrial tool

The entire manufacturing chain is integrated within the Telenco Group in the UK. Raw materials (stainless steel or aluminium, paints, components) are inspected on reception, before being used in the various workshops. With total control of its manufacturing, Telenco is able to propose and industrialise new designs rapidly, guaranteeing its customers a high level of quality and competitiveness.

A complete machine park

Products designed for durability and robustness

R&D teams have to deal with stringent requirements when designing products to meet a wide range of environmental constraints: management of extreme temperatures, electromagnetic fields, seismic activity in earthquake-prone areas, shock and vibration, IP protection and vandalism. The products leaving Telenco's factories have all undergone strict test campaigns adapted to the conditions of installation, guaranteeing the reliability and longevity of the solutions in the field.

A wide, customisable range of products for a variety of sectors

The range of products manufactured in the UK includes enclosures, racks and indoor and outdoor cabinets for computing, storage and data networks. The Group continues to diversify its offering by constantly proposing new solutions to its customers. These are intended for a wide range of industrial sectors, from fixed and mobile telecommunications to railways, roads, data centres, energy, and defence.
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