Certified training for telecom field engineers

Telenco is rounding out its range of telecoms network solutions with a training service provided by its subsidiary CTTS. Our dedicated training centre, based in Lincoln (UK), guides and advises field engineers and offers certified and accredited training to meet the needs of operators, installers, and integrators worldwide.

Rolling out reliable and sustainable networks

Field engineer training is essential to ensure optimum network quality and reduce the risk of failures.


An à la carte or on-demand training offer

Telenco has a catalogue of more than 130 training courses, covering a range of different areas of expertise:

  • Network planning and design
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Access to existing infrastructure
  • Optical fibre infrastructure
  • Overhead and underground networks
  • Audit, control, and compliance
  • Safety

We can also offer on-demand training to suit our customers' projects.


Training accessible to all professionals

All telecoms professionals, whether experienced or not, can apply for training. Telenco also offers training courses for people in career transition, with the guarantee of a two-week placement with a professional in the sector.

Depending on requirements, training courses can be given on our premises or on a site defined by our customers.


Training tailored to the needs of the telecommunications industry

The training courses offered by Telenco's subsidiary are accredited. They have been designed to meet current market needs and support the rollout of networks by training a self-confidant and skilled workforce.


Qualified and experienced trainers

With 30 years' experience through its subsidiary CTTS, Telenco can count on a team of trainers with solid knowledge of the telecommunications sector. Their teaching approach and ability to listen to their students' needs mean that the courses are delivered in the best possible conditions.