Over the years, Telenco has developed an omnichannel strategy. Designed to ensure a straightforward and optimised user experience, this approach is constantly enhanced to provide customers with relevant and practical tools. Whether on site, in the office, to place an order or simply to ask for advice, Telenco provides a tailored response.

Commercial support

Dedicated contacts

From near and far, our desk and travelling sales teams are available and attentive to customers' needs. The branches, which are spread across a number of subsidiaries, are also local points of contact for exchanging, discovering, testing, and buying products.
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A web presence

Telenco is at the forefront of digital tools in the telecommunications sector and has been providing solutions tailored to customer needs for over ten years. The Group markets its products online, through merchant websites or private purchasing platforms, which can be configured to meet customers' needs.
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Delivering to customers all over the world

An order placed must be prepared and dispatched promptly. Telenco oversees the entire logistics chain, as well as international transportation and customs regulations.
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Trusted partners

Telenco relies on a network of partners to offer its customers a comprehensive range of products suitable for various telecommunications trades, from technical equipment to technician gear.
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