Optical cable extrusion

Telenco designs and mass-produces a complete range of optical drop cables for telecoms operators and installers. Technical standards are evolving, and the specific requirements of Telenco's customers are very different. In this dynamic and varied commercial environment, the Group is able to adapt the design of its products to meet technical and economic expectations as effectively as possible.

Premium manufacturing, from materials to the extrusion process

Drawing on its experience and the expertise of its R&D department, Telenco selects top-of-the-range components for its cables. Optical fibre, plastic compounds, and aramids are purchased from world-renowned suppliers with whom Telenco has built solid, long-term partnerships.

Mastery of its extrusion process and the use of premium components ensure that the Group produces high-performance optical cables that meet the exacting technical specifications of its customers.

Quality control: certified compliant, high-performance production

Telenco has always put product quality at the forefront of all its considerations. Cable production is no exception to the rule, and the Group has introduced quality controls throughout its production chain to guarantee excellence to its customers.

All raw materials are checked on reception for their composition and performance. During cable manufacture, continuous checks are carried out on extrusion parameters. At the end of production, 100% of reels are optically tested and subjected to dimensional and structural checks. The reels are also mechanically tested by sampling.
Our quality commitments

Comprehensive, integrated certification

Optical cables manufactured by Telenco are approved by major telecoms operators in France and abroad. The Group has chosen to integrate all the testing resources needed to provide its customers with complete approval files. Telenco's in-house test laboratory is capable of guaranteeing cable performance in terms of traction, crushing, friction, impact, torsion, etc. Telenco also has a climatic chamber for carrying out environmental tests such as cycling, thermal ageing and watertightness.
Test laboratories