Engineering for private wireless networks

Telenco supports its customers at every stage of their projects to set up a private wireless network. Our team of engineers offers comprehensive, tailor-made services in the fields of private mobile networks, 5G, TETRA and mission-critical communications.


End-to-end solutions for complex sectors

Our engineering services cover a range of connectivity solutions, including private 5G, private mobile networks, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), active DAS and high-density Wi-Fi. The team of engineers has comprehensive expertise, enabling it to design tailor-made solutions for any type of environment (stadiums, tunnels, warehouses, offices, hotels) and for different sectors, from telecommunications to public safety, health services, and smart cities. Our holistic, innovative approach incorporates the latest technologies and takes into account the key factors of coverage, capacity, and scalability.


Tailor-made guidance and advice

Our teams provide tailor-made consultancy for advanced and secure wireless connectivity solutions. Through its subsidiary NGIS, Telenco adapts to customers' requirements and problems to offer solutions that meet their performance and profitability objectives. Whether it's improving network coverage, setting up a private network, optimising wireless capacity or adapting to complex, confined environments, our team puts in place customised, sustainable strategies.


Carefully designed rollout

Installation services include the planning, execution, and optimisation of wireless connectivity solutions to meet customer needs. Telenco uses its technical expertise to ensure that each component is correctly and ideally positioned, configured, and adjusted to guarantee the best performance. Right from the network engineering stage, our team anticipates the installation by developing comprehensive plans that take into account precise factors such as coverage areas, device density, and scalability.

Integration and testing

Ensuring smooth transitions and optimum performance

Our teams integrate, test, and validate the solutions installed. Telenco guarantees the compatibility of the installations with existing infrastructures and carries out rigorous tests to verify the functionality, performance and security of each component. Fully transparent, our teams provide customers with full documentation outlining the integration processes, test procedures, and validation criteria.

Maintenance and support

Consistent reliability and performance

With an expert support team, proactive monitoring, rapid problem resolution, and tailored support plans, we ensure uninterrupted communication, efficient maintenance, and a smooth user experience.