The Telenco Group operates in a wide range of markets, offering comprehensive solutions for developing telecoms networks. Telenco, a recognised expert in fixed networks for over 20 years, has extended its expertise to complementary activities, creating synergies with new market segments: mobile networks, private network, and data centres.

Fixed telecom networks

Fixed telecommunications networks represent the essential infrastructure that supports wired connectivity throughout the world. These networks, often deployed by telecommunications operators, use cable technologies to provide stable, high-speed communications services. Optical fibre, in particular, stands out for its ability to transmit data at extremely high speeds over long distances, providing a robust basis for high-speed internet services, fixed telephony, and cable television.
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Mobile telecoms networks

Mobile telecommunications networks are the backbone of the wireless connectivity that powers our digital age. These networks, deployed by telecoms operators worldwide, use technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G to deliver mobile communications services to billions of users. Today's mobile networks go beyond simple voice or data exchange; they open up opportunities for use in all areas: industry, health, mobility, the economy, Smart Cities, machine learning, services, and many others. But they also serve as a genuine bridge to access innovative technologies in many countries that are poorly served or not served by wired networks.
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Private telecom networks

Private telecommunications networks are tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of organisations and businesses. Unlike public networks, private networks are designed to offer dedicated and secure connectivity. These networks allow businesses to control their communications infrastructure, offering excellent flexibility. They optimise connectivity within organisations, contributing to greater operational efficiency and more agile communication management.
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Data centres 

Data centres are crucial elements of the digital infrastructure, playing a vital role in storing, managing, and distributing vast amounts of data. Today, these data centres face significant challenges, including the growing demand for storage capacity, the need for responsible energy consumption, and the issues associated with data security. Anticipating these challenges, tomorrow's data centres are moving towards innovative solutions, such as adopting more eco-friendly technologies, automation, and strengthening security protocols to ensure efficient and secure data management in the digital age.
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