The SKM product range consists of complete solutions for the distribution and rollout of optical fibre from the PoP (Point of Presence) to the building connection point (Optical Distribution Point or PBO). It also includes a complete range of products for LAN networks.

A complete range for FTTx and LAN networks

Whether you're building a LAN or implementing an FTTx network, SKM products offer quality solutions tailored to every configuration.

The products in the SKM ProfiLIGHT® range enable connection from the PoP to the building connection point. The products in the SKM ProfiLINKSystem® - PLS - range have been developed to meet the latest requirements for network and multimedia applications with capacities of up to 10 GB.

SKM ProfiLIGHT®: polyvalent solutions for FTTx networks

For the FTTx network, SKM ProfiLIGHT® outdoor and indoor fibre-optic cables enable connection from the PoP to the connection point.

The street cabinets cover applications from the mini-PoP to the sharing point.
The range is rounded off by patch panels and splicing trays and building connection boxes

ProfiLIGHT® product ranges

Distribution and drop cables for indoor and outdoor rollout.
Outdoor cabinets
Distribution cabinets (KVZ) and patch cabinets (MFG) efficiently concentrate cables with a large number of fibres before distributing them to the connection zones.
Distribution and connection boxes
The APL or HüP building entry boxes and splicing domes enable the fibres to be distributed to the floor boxes.

SKM ProfiLINKSystem®: solutions for corporate LANs

Designed to make a large number of connections in a small space, SKM ProfiLINKSystem® solutions provide the best performance for 10 GB transmissions.

The cables, enclosures, and racks in the range have been designed to ensure reliable, optimum integration.

SKM ProfiLINKSystem® product ranges

The Crimp-Snap-In-System crimping system for RJ45 modules ensures fast, reliable connection.
Distribution cables
Tailor-made distribution cables to meet the requirements of Kat 7 and
Interior cabinets
Modular design for tailor-made bays for floor or wall mounting.
Connection boxes and sockets
Enclosures specifically designed for installation inside racks, as well as enclosures for connecting workstations.
Tailor-made drop cables.

The optimisation of products in the SKM range means that you can take advantage of low acquisition and installation costs to keep your rollout projects under control. The choice of materials, the quality of the design, and the flexibility of the solutions give these products a performance and durability compatible with current and future requirements.




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