Our career opportunities

There are over a hundred professions within the Telenco Group: design, manufacturing, marketing, logistics, support functions, etc. Driven by customer satisfaction and a collective spirit, our teams continually work together to expand Telenco's range of talents and expertise throughout the world.

Research and Development

From idea to reality

Our Research & Development teams turn ideas into reality by drawing on the experience and needs of our customers. They design and develop products for markets undergoing constant technical and technological change. Creativity, anticipation and eco-responsibility are the driving forces behind our teams' daily efforts to design the products of tomorrow. The expertise of our in-house design offices and laboratories enables us to offer our customers standard or customised solutions tailored to their needs.

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Business and Marketing

Close customer relationships

The marketing and sales teams are key players in the development and growth of the Telenco Group. Our strength lies in an omnichannel, international approach, combined with in-depth market knowledge. Our customers have been placing their trust in us for almost 25 years. The quality of our services and our ability to adapt have enabled us to build lasting relationships with them.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Worldwide imports and exports

Thanks to an integrated value chain and expertise in international transport, the Supply Chain teams provide the Telenco Group with a responsive, quality service for our customers based in over 70 countries. Our strategy has always been based on a responsible approach: partnerships with ethical suppliers, optimising our imports and exports, improving our packaging, etc.

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Producing to connect

The Telenco Group has its own industrial sites and also relies on the expertise and technical skills of its subcontractors to ensure that its products are manufactured in line with our CSR commitments. Our teams provide a wide range of production lines, from mechanical assembly to optical connectors, metalworking and optical cable extrusion.

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Support functions

Supporting the development of the Group's subsidiaries

As essential partners in the business and development of all the Group's subsidiaries, our support functions support the agility of our organisations and the day-to-day work of our operational teams. Facilitating exchanges and human relations, modernising and digitalising our practices, supporting financial performance, communicating effectively and deploying our CSR and QSE approach are all issues that improve individual and collective performance.

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