Quality commitments

Service and product quality, as well as customer satisfaction, are part of the Telenco DNA. The Group manages quality through its processes, based on the principle of continuous improvement. This approach enables Telenco's performance and management system to evolve constantly, involving its employees in achieving these objectives.

Product quality: guaranteeing the durability of networks

Telenco designs and manufactures quality products that comply with applicable standards and defined specifications. The product design process brings together the Marketing, R&D, Methods and Purchasing departments to check all the study criteria. This involves dimensional, optical, mechanical, environmental and functional tests being carried out on the products. Each production site has a quality control team which is independent of the production and logistics managers, so it has the autonomy needed to block any stock if an anomaly is detected.
Our testing facilities

A three-stage product quality process

The Group follows a three-stage procedure to ensure that the customer receives a product of excellent quality.



The testing laboratories carry out the tests required to qualify the product.



Our methods department designs the techniques and tools needed to manufacture the product. They test the suppliers abilities to produce compliant components.


Quality control

Checks are carried out on receipt of components and after manufacture of the finished product.

Telenco's CE-marked solutions

For indoor cables, Telenco carries out and arranges fire performance tests in accordance with CE marking regulations. European regulation no. 765/2008 of 9 July 2008 sets out the general principles of CE marking in the European Community. Product CE marking guarantees that it meets European Union requirements and can circulate freely on the single market. Click below for the Declarations of Conformity for the Telenco cable range.
Our performance declarations

System quality: a customer satisfaction approach

At the Telenco Group, we believe that a company's development and competitiveness are closely linked to the level of trust we establish with the people we do business with. Satisfying our customers means meeting their requirements.

Telenco offers innovative, high-performance solutions that comply with safety and regulatory requirements, are reliable and easy to install, and meet the expectations of our customers. Telenco's quality is widely recognised, enabling us to satisfy and retain our customers and win new ones.

Our internal processes encourage everyone to take responsibility, promote initiative, individual and collective performance and develop business skills.