Over the years, the Group has extended its industrial expertise by creating several assembly centres. The core of Telenco's offer is assembled in its subsidiaries on several continents, which have experienced teams and working environments conducive to the production of high-performance, sustainable products.


Devices for reinforcing, anchoring, and suspending copper or fibre optic cables are the Group's core business and historical offer. Since its creation in 1999, assembly has always been carried out in our factories, initially in France, then also in Portugal. Over the years, the impeccable quality of these products has contributed to Telenco's reputation, positioning the Group as a leader in Europe and in certain export markets.

Optical products

Optical connection and splicing devices are another flagship range in Telenco's offer. Products are assembled at our facilities in France, Portugal, Germany and Tunisia. These clean, quiet, well-lit workshops provide the teams with ideal working conditions to carry out these assemblies, which require precision and attention to detail. Optical distribution points (ODPs) and optical terminal outlets (OTOs), for example, are designed and assembled by the Group, before being shipped around the world.

Indoor and outdoor metal cabinets

Telenco assembles its range of indoor and outdoor cabinets in the UK for operators, integrators, and equipment manufacturers in the telecoms, data centre, defence, and rail networks. These cabinets come in different sizes and complexities, and can be customised to suit the customer's needs. As a result, they require the assembly of a wide range of components: sealing components, cable management accessories, electrical components, active or passive equipment, or even solutions for managing enclosure cooling. All these components are assembled by specialist, experienced teams with extensive technical know-how, to deliver high-quality equipment.