Design offices

Spread across several subsidiaries, our specialist design offices draw their inspiration from customers and their experience in the field. Our engineers understand your needs and design appropriate solutions to meet the challenges of network sustainability, reliability, and security.

A range of skills for a variety of projects

The Group's multi-disciplinary design offices are involved in every stage of a project, from drawing up specifications, through tooling, design, and packaging, right through to product industrialisation. Our engineers are on hand to support the customer and are able to carry out complex design projects for a wide range of applications.

Mechanical design

Innovative solutions for overhead networks

Our expertise in the telecommunications sector is our distinctive advantage in the market when it comes to developing and designing innovative accessories for overhead networks. Our design offices have a design process combined with high-performance modelling and simulation tools, enabling us to bring projects to a successful conclusion.
There are a number of stages in the process, from consideration of the customer's specifications through to production launch. The design offices develop new concepts that respond to changes in technology, markets (domestic and export) and environmental constraints, while optimising production costs.

Optical design

Optical connection solutions for FTTH and FTTA networks

By applying the principles of eco-design, Telenco offers a range of reliable, high-quality optical connection products that optimise installation time and anticipate the challenges of network scalability, such as the type of housing to be connected (individual or collective) and the evolution of mobile technologies, such as 5G and the increase in the number of frequencies used. The Telenco Group's ambition to be a leader in the FTTH market has enabled it to acquire cutting-edge expertise, firstly through the development of a wide range of anchoring clamps for aerial cables, and secondly through the design and manufacture of connection cables and enclosures for FTTH connections to all premises (public, private, individual or collective). Its experience now enables it to develop new products for the mobile networks market, such as the FTTA box, which can withstand severe environmental constraints.

Design of metal cabinets and racks

Storage solutions for different market segments

The Telenco Group has a design office specialising in the design of metal cabinets and racks for indoor and outdoor electronic and optical equipment. It works closely with customers' engineering and marketing departments to develop reliable, tailor-made solutions that are not available on the market. These solutions can be designed for different markets (energy, rail, mobile, private, and fixed telecoms networks, etc.), and comply with strict civilian and military standards.

Our design methods

The technical knowledge and expertise of our design offices enable us to develop products tailored to the needs of the fixed, mobile, private, and data centre telecoms markets. Telenco draws inspiration from its customers and their experiences to design easy-to-use, durable solutions that make the day-to-day work of field engineers easier.

The FTTA box is the first solution on the market 100% designed for optical junction in the 4G/5G indirect cabling structure. It enables simple, intuitive interconnection of optical links, whatever the installation conditions. It is designed and tested to withstand harsh climatic conditions such as temperature changes and high mechanical stress, such as 250 km/h wind.

Telenco receives specifications from customers with precise needs, from the creation to the improvement of product technologies. The design offices take account of the various requirements and put their expertise at the customer's service to develop reliable solutions that will be rolled out on current and future networks.

A global telecommunications equipment manufacturer was preparing to launch a high-speed optical switch. However, the cooling requirements demanded such a high airflow that it generated unacceptable noise. An active solution for cooling the racks was sought. It needed to be globally marketable, and also meet the seismic criteria that were essential for certain markets. Rainford Solutions engineers worked with the customer's engineering and product development teams to develop a racking solution that met the required thermal, acoustic, and seismic specifications.

Telenco combines the field experience of its customers and the technical know-how of manufacturers with the fresh, sharp eye of its marketing departments to create innovative products. Each new product offers a new experience for field engineers, thanks to a particular ergonomic or implementation feature that is still largely unexploited on the market.

Based on a dangerous situation encountered by one of his colleagues when inserting a strap behind a trunking with a stripped cable, Luc Morel, Infrastructure and Network Business Manager, developed the "Passe-feuillard" in his garage, a band pass-through tool made of wood, used to isolate the field engineer from any electrical part that is against the pole. After producing several prototypes, Luc contacted Telenco to help him develop his innovation. This led to the creation of T-pass, which is now marketed under the TED® brand.

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Test laboratories
With integrated testing laboratories capable of exceeding established standards, Telenco offers versatile expertise ensuring high standards of quality and performance.
Telenco is actively committed to an eco-design approach to minimise its environmental impact and promote a sustainable future.