Optical connectorisation

Telenco is the market leader in subscriber connections. The connectorisation of optical boxes and drop cables is carried out in-house, in its various production units. Telenco has a wide range of skills enabling it to respond rapidly to all requests: from small to large production runs, from standard products to fully customised solutions, for simple or complex connectors.

High-performance equipment for high-quality connectorisation

The machines used in the Group's various connectorisation units come from the leading brands in the field. This top-of-the-range equipment enables Telenco to perfectly control every stage in the connectorisation of its products and to ensure their reliability once installed in the field. Every stage of the manufacturing process is controlled, and 100% of the connectors are tested for insertion loss and end-of-line reflectance. Frequent interferometric checks are also carried out to guarantee the geometry of the optical connectors.

Various production capacities

Telenco carries out optical connectorisation in its three production units in France, Portugal and Tunisia. Each unit has a common know-how that enables them to produce different products, from small to large runs.

Prototyping and small production runs

This unit, based at the Group's head office in Moirans, is dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes for new products and to small production runs.

Telenco has an innovative centre in France, equipped with a wide range of machinery, where technical investigations are carried out to industrialise new products and optimise the manufacture of existing products

Medium and large production runs

Located in the Porto region, this workshop specialises in medium and large production runs. Thanks to its extensive technical know-how and flexibility, the production team in Portugal is able to manufacture a wide range of products with all types of connectors.

The connectorisation of cable coils, PTO kits, and pre-terminated boxes is performed in a building where other teams are responsible for manufacturing the optical cable.

Cable extrusion

Large production runs

Based in the suburbs of Tunis, this unit focuses on large production runs.

The manufacturing processes, similar to those of other connectorisation units, are applied on production lines organised to respond rapidly to the high demands of the Telenco Group's customers.