Our European sites

Telenco offers adapted and locally-focussed solutions across Europe for the deployment of fibre optic. The Group is present in strategic areas, for the installation or development of new networks.

A broad spectrum of activities for end-to-end solutions

The Group's European subsidiaries are located in France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Portugal. Each one has its own has its own line of business: design, production, manufacturing, distribution, etc. This sinergy only adds to Telenco's selling point by giving it control over its entire value chain.


The Group's head office. Telenco has been designing and manufacturing telecoms network solutions since 1999.

Telenco UK

Telenco UK manages the distribution and logistics in the UK and Ireland of products for fixed networks, data centres, mobile networks and private networks.

Telenco Portugal

The Telenco Group's production unit comprises three divisions: mechanical assembly, optical connectorisation and optical cable extrusion.

Telenco GmbH

Specialist in the design, assembly and distribution of FTTx, datacentre and LAN solutions.

Rainford Solutions

UK based designer and manufacturer with 40 years’ expertise of racks, cabinets, and enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications.


From engineering consulting to deployment, NGIS guarantees wireless coverage in complex settings that is secure, high-speed, and reliable.


Designer and manufacturer of solutions to equip and secure overhead wired telecoms networks


CTTS is a centre offering qualified and certified training, tailored to the needs of telecoms professionals.

Saint-Joseph agency

The Saint-Joseph agency is the local point of contact for all customers in Martinique.

Baie-Mahault agency

Telenco is supporting its customers in Guadeloupe with their rollout projects at the Baie-Mahault agency.

Nanterre agency

The Nanterre agency is less than 10 km from central Paris and helps customers with their network roll-out projects.