Test laboratories

The Telenco Group has integrated test laboratories that enable new products to be approved quickly and completely, in line with customer needs and requirements. Their conformity and compatibility with existing equipment are also validated directly in-house.

Additional tests that exceed standards

All the tests carried out by the Group are carried out using high-precision tools and in compliance with the standards in force. Our equipment enables you to independently qualify solutions installed on fixed, mobile, private, and data centre networks. Whether mechanical, optical, environmental or electrical, the tests are carried out with rigour and can be combined to meet the highest level of requirements (coupled thermal and mechanical stress, with optical monitoring for example).

Telenco's laboratory is constantly improving its test benches and instrumentation to anticipate the need for telecommunications equipment to evolve. It acquires new cutting-edge technologies in order to carry out tests that exceed the demands of standards and customers.

Self-qualifying product

Passive components
Connectors, adaptors, trunks, breakouts, cords, splitters, etc.
Optical enclosures
Indoor, outdoor, underground, etc.
Fibre optic cables
Indoor and outdoor drop cables, etc.
Anchors and hardware
Anchoring clamps, crossarms, brackets, etc.

A network of local partners

Telenco also works with a network of external COFRAC-accredited laboratories to carry out specific tests (e.g. salt spray, UV, IP) or to obtain CPR accreditation. These trusted partnerships are formed with local players selected according to rigorous performance criteria.

Our test facilities

Our technicians and engineers have the high-performance resources and solid skills needed to tackle the most demanding projects.

To characterise the mechanical behaviour of our products, the laboratories have several test benches:

  • 4 servo-controlled tensile test benches ranging from 20 daN to 5,000 daN, including 1 dedicated to long-distance tensile tests to validate the behaviour of our optical cables over a 100 m span
  • 1 chamber for tensile tests at low temperatures
  • 1 chamber for high-temperature tensile tests
  • 1 wind vibration bench: 2 spans, 80 m total length

Our technicians use high-precision measuring instruments to carry out optical insertion loss and reflectance tests:

  • Interferometer
  • Optical power meter
  • High-frequency optical power meter
  • OTDR fibre tester
  • Optical reflectometer
  • Optical microscope

In order to qualify the behaviour of all our products in the face of environmental stress, our laboratory has a wide range of equipment, including:

  • 1 IP protection enclosure for watertightness tests on optical enclosures, for example.
  • 1 climatic chamber for thermal cycling tests
  • 1 vertical flame propagation resistance test rig

To check the strength of cables for mobile, fixed, and data centre networks, or to carry out high-voltage tests on anchor clamps, for example, our laboratories have precision equipment at their disposal:

  • Dielectric strength tester
  • Shock wave generator

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