The Telenco Group

Telenco supports the telecoms market by supplying equipment for deploying reliable and sustainable networks. With over 25 years of experience in design and in-house manufacturing, Telenco's solutions meet the challenges faced by operators, installers and distributors in guaranteeing customers the best possible connection.

Developing tomorrow's networks

Telenco Group companies design, manufacture and market equipment to meet the needs of the various telecoms markets: fixed, private, mobile and data centre networks. Telenco's ability to adapt and anticipate means that we can develop products that meet both our customers' needs and those of constantly evolving markets. Telenco is an international group serving customers in more than 65 countries, with subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America and Africa.
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A designer of reliable and sustainable telecoms solutions

The Telenco Group value chain integrates the design, production, qualification and distribution of its products. Telenco's expertise and investment in Research and Development have already proved their worth with the design of innovations widely recognised in the telecommunications market. Their compact optical distribution box (ODP), anchoring clamps and pole equipment solutions (fittings and brackets) are among the Telenco patented products that address both technical and installation issues.
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A close relationship with our customers

Telenco has developed an omnichannel approach, offering improved product availability, ordering flexibility and multiple delivery options to guarantee customer satisfaction worldwide.

Telenco has a local presence in strategic areas where the need for connections is growing rapidly. Agencies and distribution centres allow customers to visit the site directly to obtain advice and guidance in choosing equipment for their projects.

Leader in B2B e-commerce in the telecommunications sector

Telenco, a pioneer in digitalising the telecommunications customer journey, created its first e-commerce site for professionals in the sector in 2012. Since then, the Telenco platform has evolved, and the Telenco store was launched in 2022.

This e-commerce site makes it easy to choose from a wide range of equipment yet still offers services tailored to professionals' specific needs. Whether you are a large company, a self-employed entrepreneur, a small business, a specialist fibre optic technician or an electrician, Telenco offers a solution that is accessible to all professionals when it comes to placing orders.
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