Telenco Africa

Established in Benin in 2023, Telenco Africa has a team of telecoms experts and a logistical task force able to supply all operators and integrators in sub-Saharan Africa with network and engineer equipment.

+229 41 31 31 98
Jonquet - Cotonou (Bénin)

A complete network rollout package

Telenco Africa has a range of solutions to meet the needs of operators deploying their fixed networks: from the telecom backbone (BPEO and Corning cables) to the subscriber. Telenco Africa is also involved in equipping data centres with Corning products and expertise, and this subsidiary is the company's official representative in the country. Finally, all the equipment needed by the engineers (tools, measuring equipment) is also available at the logistics centres in Senegal and Ivory Coast.

An efficient supply chain

Telenco Africa has large stocks in West Africa and relies on an extensive distribution network in Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. This means the company can deliver to operators in less than 24 hours.

Trusted partners

Telenco supports FTTx and data centre projects through partnerships with well-known telecoms brands.


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