Malico specialises in the design and manufacture of products for overhead wired telecoms networks using copper and fibre optic technology.

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The Malico® anchoring clamp: an essential telecoms product

Since it was founded in 1969, Malico has developed expertise in the design and production of cable accessories for overhead networks. A pioneer in the development of anchoring clamps for sheathed aerial cables, Malico has developed such clamps for use on telecoms poles in many towns and rural areas.

Solutions designed and tested in-house

As a key partner in the rollout of new very high-speed overhead networks (FTTx), Malico remains attentive to the specific requirements of its customers, both in France and internationally. Malico's design office develops products that combine ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Malico has laboratories equipped to carry out mechanical, vibratory, and physico-chemical tests, meeting the requirements of international standards and the precise specifications of telecoms operators and infrastructure owners. These test facilities guarantee product qualification, ensuring compliance with the highest quality and performance standards.

Specialist in healical dead-ends

Since 1988, Malico has mastered the technology of spiral accessories for hanging overhead cables. Malico has adapted specific solutions to keep pace with the evolution of cables up to the latest generations of fibre optic cables of all capacities, from large transport cables to FTTH subscriber connections.

A complete range of solutions for overhead networks

To meet the needs of telecoms operators transitioning from copper networks to fibre-optic networks, Malico has developed a range of complementary products such as helical dead-ends, pole fittings, and reinforcements, the original design of a tubular pole extension, and a variable-geometry cable coiling device.


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