Across private networks, networks in restricted environments, and mobile networks NGIS offers operators and businesses secure, high-speed, and reliable wireless coverage solutions. This allows our clients to unleash the full potential of the wireless revolution in industries as diverse as manufacturing, logistics and healthcare.

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Expert in mobile networks

Whether meeting the needs of mobile operators or ensuring the reliability of critical communication for companies, NGIS offers flexible and modular engineering solutions. Leveraging in-depth expertise in all mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/5G, private 5G networks, TETRA networks and critical communications networks) NGIS ensures seamless connectivity through the distribution of first-rate radio signals.

Innovative spirit at the customer's service

Their team of passionate professionals and highly qualified radio engineers share is dedicated to innovation and progress. NGIS's expertise and commitment to its customers are key factors in its success.


For 'Gare Maritime', our hub combining retail, work, and hang-out experiences, we needed effective and future-proof indoor coverage. NGIS provided a solution using the existing infrastructure, thus preserving the integrity of the site. The solution is multi-operator and selective, allowing each tenant the choice to participate or not and providing the option to choose the preferred telecom operator(s).

Trees Verhoogen

Project Manager at Extensa

NGIS in Europe



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