Ethical commitments

Human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption are fundamental values directly linked to the Group's ethical values: respect, loyalty, responsibility and transparency.

The Code of Conduct, the cornerstone of Telenco's ethical principles

The Code of Ethical Conduct sets out the key themes and values that teams should adhere to in the course of their work. It is based on four main principles: ensuring employee safety, protecting the environment, protecting property and protecting the business. It provides guidance to employees who are in any doubt or need guidance in making their choices.

The Telenco Group has appointed an Ethics Officer. It is their job role to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethical Conduct and to prevent the risk of corruption. The Ethics Officer is now the point of contact for any employee who is confronted with an attempt at corruption.

Telenco is rolling out the Code of Ethical Conduct to all its subsidiaries. It is read and signed by every employee, manager and director. It is a reference document: anyone working with Telenco can consult it and refer to it.Discover our Code of Ethical Conduct

Doing business with integrity

Raising awareness plays an important role in ensuring that employees understand the ethical issues involved. Telenco is rolling out an e-learning campaign across all its entities, with learning modules based on the fight against corruption and the principles of the French Sapin II law. It is a fun way of informing the most sensitive departments about the various risks of corruption.


"The aim is to keep the number of cases of corruption at zero, using an educational approach to convey strong messages"


Telenco Group Ethics Officer

An ethical purchasing policy for quality telecoms solutions

As part of its business of designing, producing and distributing solutions for telecommunications networks, Telenco is responsible for ensuring that the products marketed by its subsidiaries in line with the Group's ethical commitments.

Responsible purchasing is an integral part of Telenco's commitment to an ethical approach. In-depth knowledge of the suppliers, the raw materials, and the logistics involved is essential in understanding and minimising the environmental impact of products. As part of its drive to continuously improve the performance of its partners, Telenco organises periodic audits in addition to carrying out monitoring visits.

Telenco is committed to ensuring that its subsidiaries and their suppliers comply with section 1502 of the American Dodd-Frank Act on the use of minerals from conflict zones. The Group also complies with European Directive 2011/65 of 8 June 2011, known as "RoHS 2", which bans the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment on the single market.

The REACH regulation (European System for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), which came into force in 2007, lists substances of concern that are subject to authorisation or restriction. This regulation governs the use of chemical substances in industry. As a designer and manufacturer, the Telenco Group complies with the regulations.