Quality and CSR commitments

The Group has been committed to adopting a responsible approach that respects the environment since its launch in 1999, whether through its design, manufacturing or distribution activities.

Quality commitments

Guaranteeing the reliability and durability of networks

Telenco puts quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of its operations, using a process-based approach and actively involving its employees in achieving its objectives.Find out more

Ethical commitments

Doing business with integrity and acting with respect

An ethical approach is a core value at Telenco and essential to ensuring a sound management of the company.Find out more

Social and societal commitments

Promoting diversity, inclusion and professional equality

Diversity and inclusion are key values for our organisation. We believe that the diversity of our teams fosters creativity, so Telenco's managers encourage gender diversity and ensure that working conditions are conducive to integration-orientated cooperation.Find out more

Environmental commitments

Reducing our carbon footprint and controlling our energy consumption

Because Telenco has always paid particular attention to the environment, the Group created its own environmental charter in 2011 and is constantly improving its approach by rolling out new initiatives.Find out more

Health and safety commitments

Preventing risks and promoting employee well-being

At Telenco, employees undertake a wide variety of activities depending on the position they hold. From the office to logistics and production, many employees spend a lot of time standing or sitting, carrying and moving loads, ... Telenco implements measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees.Find out more