Health and safety commitments

Protecting employees is one of Telenco's CSR pillars. The Group strives to provide a working environment that allows employees to work in the best possible health and safety conditions. From the best ergonomic practices to health-related sports, Telenco encourages and promotes initiatives that help employees feel their best when at work.

Developing a strong workplace safety culture

Protecting its people and property is part of the Group's policy. To this end, Telenco is committed to:

  • Developing a culture of prevention
  • Continuously improving health and safety performance in the workplace
  • Guaranteeing employees a work environment that meets health and safety requirements
  • Preventing personal injury and damage to health
  • Moving towards ISO 45001-type management

By aiming for "zero accidents", Telenco is developing a safety culture and encouraging its subsidiaries to comply with emergency procedures depending on their activity sector (production, administration, logistics, etc.). Initiatives have also been put in place in certain entities, such as in France, where employees have been given the role of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) coordinator. They organise monthly fire safety inspections of the buildings and follow up on periodic inspections on various types of equipment (heating, forklift trucks, etc.).


" Helping to create a safe and environmentally friendly working environment is a rewarding role: it's a daily learning curve, and I put this into practice at Telenco. The role of an HSE Coordinator is varied: monitoring, raising awareness, ensuring that rules are respected, etc. These actions are essential to the smooth running of the business! "

Anne Breton

HSE Coordinator at Telenco

Protecting employee health

At Telenco, employees undertake a wide variety of activities depending on the position they hold. From the office to logistics and production, employees spend time standing or sitting, carrying and moving loads and are therefore exposed to health risks.

Telenco has created an ergonomics guide: it sets out the basic principles for improving working conditions and help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. It covers mechanical, biomechanical, environmental and organisational factors, and provides advice on creating a comfortable workstation.

Some subsidiaries are also taking steps to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. In Portugal, for example, the logistics teams take part in morning stretching sessions. In France, Telenco has an on-site osteopath and pays for two sessions per year for each employee.

Creating a work environment that promotes well-being

Quality of Life at Work (QWL) is an important factor with regard to employee commitment and well-being. Telenco is committed to a healthy work/life balance for its employees by developing remote working. This way of working brings greater flexibility and improves efficiency while creating a better work/life balance.

Telenco ensures that each of its subsidiaries has a pleasant working environment, where work and break times are clearly separated. The canteens mean employees can take time out for a coffee break or lunch.

Numerous events are held each year. Whether sporting, festive or charitable, Telenco's events bring employees together and foster sharing and solidarity. The Group organises internal events (e.g. QWL week, mobility challenge, sustainable development week), and takes part in outside events, such as sporting challenges (trail running, obstacle courses) or charity events (Big Dog Art Trail, Apheon Challenge, fund-raising, etc.).

Incorporating prevention into product design

Telenco is committed to the health and safety of its employees as well as its customers. The Research and Development department designs equipment to improve working conditions for technicians. This is the case for products with the TED+ label, from the TED® brand.

The magnetic manhole cover lifter (reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders), the T-Pass (reduces the risk of electrification), worksite tents (increases the visibility and improves the protection of on-site technicians) and fibre optic cable slitters (to reduce the risk of cuts) are just some innovative TED® products. They enable technicians to work in a safe and secure environment.