Social and societal commitments

Telenco transmits strong values of solidarity, team cohesion and respect to its employees and stakeholders. The Group is committed to guaranteeing equality, diversity and non-discrimination and to developing everyone's skills and employability. Telenco translates its convictions into concrete action by supporting organisations working for the common good.

Equality, diversity and non-discrimination

There is no typical employee at Telenco: there are different personalities with skills and experience that are in line with the Group's needs. Telenco employees do more than a hundred different jobs, and there are just as many diverse profiles. Everyone contributes in their own way to building tomorrow's networks, and every company in the Group strives to create an inclusive working environment that promotes equal treatment for all.

Telenco fights against all forms of discrimination and is committed to offering all current and future employees equal opportunities in recruitment, internal mobility and access to training. The Group is committed to offering inclusive employment opportunities with dedicated job adaptations where necessary. To this end, Telenco runs a disability awareness campaign for employees and managers and works with sheltered workshops.

To look forward, Telenco's teams have taken the necessary steps to calculate a Professional Equality Index each year in its French company with more than 50 employees (Telenco: 81/100). Telenco pays close attention to maintaining the egalitarian policy of individual increases (35/35). Our objectives are to step up our efforts to reduce the pay gap between men and women (target: 38/40). We must also increase the presence of women, particularly in open recruitment at the highest salary levels (target: 5/10).

Giving people a chance and preparing for the future

Every employee has skills and abilities that can go beyond the job they do. The Group also pays particular attention to people skills and previous experience within the company and identifies employees' desire for internal mobility (vertical, horizontal and geographical) through the work interviews managers carry out every year.

Professional inclusion is one of the cornerstones of Telenco's commitment to society. For example, at CTTS, specific training programmes are offered to people undergoing professional retraining. CTTS also supports military veterans in their professional retraining for civilian life. The subsidiary also offers training in prisons to support prisoners undergoing rehabilitation.


"I began my career at Telenco in 2015 with three years of work-study, during which I took on the role of a salesperson in the office. I was offered a permanent contract and the opportunity to become manager of the Telenco branch on the Reunion Island, a position I held for 4 years. Telenco listened carefully when I wanted to come back to France. They took my request on board and offered me a new position, in a new team, with equally stimulating tasks."

Adan Temili

Sales and Marketing Manager TED®

Working alongside stakeholders committed to the common good

Telenco is involved in philanthropic initiatives to support associations and projects that promote the inclusion, education and professional inclusion of people in France and Africa.

The Group has supported the "FCG in my town" endowment fund of FC Grenoble Rugby (France) since 2018. The fund allows the values of rugby to be passed on to children in schools in the conurbation.

These initiatives are both sporting (introduction to rugby) and social (link between the values of sport and everyday life).

Telenco has been supporting "Les Enfants de l'Ovale" since 2015. Founded in 2003 by Philippe Sella, a former French international rugby player, the association offers an educational programme based on the values of rugby to children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. It includes sports, academic support, health and nutrition training programmes, and encourages openness to others.

With 11 centres in France and Africa, the association teaches rugby and its values to 1,500 children.

The Plombiers du Numérique (Digital Plumbers) provide training in their schools for people who have missed out on a job: fibre deployment technicians, rack technicians and data centre cabling technicians.

Telenco has been contributing its expertise to the project since 2018 by helping to equip the schools' technical platforms. The Group has already supplied optical distribution equipment to 10 schools in France.

Telenco, sponsor of local initiatives

Every year, Telenco supports different associations. Sponsorship plays an important role in the Group's CSR approach: it offers the opportunity to take part in a number of projects that convey shared values.

Telenco has set up an annual sponsorship campaign called "Telenco Booste ton Asso". It raises awareness and gets employees more involved in the sponsorship process, as they themselves can submit an application to nominate the association of their choice. The jury is also made up of employees who volunteer to study and review the applications. Find out about the associations Telenco is sponsoring in 2024:

Based in Tunisia, Les Enfants de la Lune helps children suffering from an incurable hereditary genetic disease called "xeroderma pigmentosum", which causes extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. The association provides children affected in this way with photoprotection equipment: clothing, sunglasses, balaclavas, sun creams, etc. It supports them socially by organising training and cultural workshops and medically, by ensuring access to treatment and arranging meetings between families and the medical profession.

Telenco is helping to fund equipment to protect children from ultraviolet rays (sunglasses, bonnets, etc.).

Maison pour Tous brings together 42 sports and leisure activities, including a youth area and a leisure centre. It allows for a social, religious and cultural mix, while respecting everyone's individual circumstances. Maison pour Tous is behind a project called the "Green Octopus". With its focus on the circular economy, the project aims to help young and old alike recharge their batteries and enjoy the benefits of being close to nature. The project also involves installing a mobile hen house and a vegetable garden.

Telenco is helping to fund a "green" day, inviting families to find out how they can be more eco-responsible in their daily lives.

The Cordée Rose Association welcomes and supports women in remission from female cancers for the duration of their stay. A team dedicated to sport, nutrition and well-being is on hand to help them overcome the isolation and this difficult stage of medical treatment. After an illness, La Cordée Rose helps women regain their equilibrium and their desire to take control of their lives by reducing their sense of isolation and allaying their fears about their physical and mental health, their professional future, self-esteem and self-image.

Telenco is helping to fund these wellness breaks.