Environmental commitments

Telenco implements environmental protection measures in line with the requirements expected of a designer-manufacturer, involving its employees, Managements and partners.

Tel'eco: the Group's environmental charter

Since its creation, Telenco has been committed to respecting the environment. In 2011, the company's management decided to create its own environmental charter: Tel'Eco. This charter sets out the Group's environmental commitments and is aimed at ensuring that everyone adopts an attitude at work that is in line with the company's values.

Tel'eco charter

Low-carbon targets and preserving biodiversity

Telenco is committed to taking measures to reduce its CO2 emissions to contribute to limiting the increase in global temperature. To understand the nature, quantities and sources of these emissions and to draw up an action plan in line with these objectives, the Group calculates yearly its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and joins the SBTi.

Telenco carries out a carbon footprint assessment for all its subsidiaries each year. It records direct and indirect GHG emissions, expressed in equivalent tonnes of CO2. The results of the carbon footprint assessments are communicated in the Group's Annual CSR Report. The Group has defined its reduction targets in accordance with the SBTi recommendations and is committed to reducing its GHG emissions over the next ten years in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement and the "well below 2°C" objective.

Telenco, based in France is also a member of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Program), the international rating organisation that helps companies manage and communicate their actions to limit their impact on the environment.

Telenco pays particular attention to preserving biodiversity and ensures that its design, manufacturing and distribution activities do not release pollutants or harmful or hazardous waste into the environment. The Group chooses materials and raw materials that are not harmful to the planet to manufacture its products. Specialist service providers recover industrial waste considered hazardous.

Managing energy and improving performance

Telenco is continually looking for ways to improve its energy performance. The Group is gradually developing the use of renewable energies in its subsidiaries by encouraging them to sign renewable energy contracts (which is already the case in most of the French subsidiaries). It also encourages them to use more environmentally friendly systems, like using wood-fired boilers for heating.

As part of its ongoing drive to reduce energy consumption, Telenco is moving towards using more environmentally friendly products that consume less electricity. Most subsidiaries have replaced neon lights with LED panels and installed presence detectors in high-traffic areas such as corridors, canteens and toilets.

The Group monitors its monthly water, gas and electricity consumption and analyses the results.

The LCA approach: taking action right from the product design stage

The Group aims to develop sustainable products by reducing their environmental impact right from the design stage. To achieve this, Telenco is moving towards eco-design by carrying out life cycle analyses on products its subsidiaries have developed in-house. This approach allows us to be more economical and eco-friendly by using fewer materials or recycled materials, for example.

With the acquisition of a LCA calculation software, Telenco optimised the development of various products, addressing transport issues, reducing the impact of raw materials and optimising packaging. Telenco also produces Product Environmental Profile (PEP) sheets, self-declared in accordance with ISO 14021, which bring together the information gathered during a specific LCA calculation.
Our eco-design approach


" Lifecycle analysis is a driving force for innovation, as it encourages us to challenge ourselves to design products that are both high-performance and eco-responsible. "


R&D Project Manager

Involving employees in CSR issues

Employees are key players in Telenco's CSR approach. They travel, consume and generate waste in the course of their daily work. The Group is aware of their contribution to its carbon footprint and is focusing on education by creating a CSR awareness campaign. It covers a wide range of subjects related to Telenco's CSR approach, presenting its actions and giving good practices to adopt on a daily basis. The Group focuses on waste management and insists on waste sorting. Every year, Telenco organises a clean-walk, during which employees are invited to collect waste from around their buildings.