19 Sept 2023
Press release

AODF: the innovative automated switching system for managing fibre optic interconnections

Telenco has teamed up with TeliSwitch to offer AODF

Telenco has teamed up with TeliSwitch to offer the AODF - Automatic Optical Distribution Frame - for remote management of all telecoms network interconnections. Comprising both hardware and software, the AODF reduces the risk of switching errors, as well as operator intervention time and costs.

By 31 March 2023, more than 35 million homes in France were eligible for fibre optic access (source: ARCEP observatory). This figure is rising steadily (up 15% compared with 2022) and will require new connections. Each fibre optic interconnection operation requires the intervention of a field engineer, who has to manually manage the switches.

The density of interconnections is very high, and over time the cables overflow and overlap in the telecoms cabinets, creating a "spaghetti" effect. The AODF is a robot equipped with circular platforms to manage incoming cables, and mini-pulleys to ensure the movement of patch cords. A robotic arm accompanies the cord and ensures a totally reproducible and reliable connection between the incoming and outgoing links. Circular platforms can be dedicated to OTDR measurements to check that the line is working properly before connectorisation, or during maintenance operations in periods of low traffic.

The AODF uses technology patented by TeliSwitch. The system enables connections to be changed automatically and remotely in less than 5 minutes. The complete solution also includes the EMS - Element Management System - centralised management software, which enables remote connection changes to be made and total control to be maintained over the entire fleet of AODFs deployed. It is designed to manage authorisations, notifications and alarms, and record interconnections in real time. The AODF also has a module for automatic fibre recovery (AFR) in the event of a disaster. It interfaces with local operating systems - local OSS and SDN controller.

A solution tailored to FTTH and data centre networks

The system is modular and flexible. It can handle up to 3,600 x 3,600 connections. A mesh of several AODFs enables a complete network to be managed.

Access networks, FTTH rollout

The AODF can be used to manage changes to remote connections. The system helps to optimise operating costs, as well as investments linked to interventions. As a result, field engineers no longer need to travel, and the risk of human error is reduced. The AODF also offers the possibility of integrating colours for connections on PON networks. Stored in a reinforced, closed cabinet, the equipment and optical links installed are protected from any external interference.

Telecom switches

The AODF's circular platforms can be specially equipped for fibre optic measurements. Operators can test the correct operation of fibre optic lines directly from a distance. The software also provides centralised management of interconnections, giving you an overall view of the network.

Data centres

The AODF can be installed in MMR (Meet-Me-Room) and Top of Racks. It can accommodate up to 3,600 x 3,600 non-blocking interconnections: each port can interconnect with all the others.

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