11 Apr 2022

DROPTIC® LM040BK: building connection in 4 mm!

The LM040BK building connection cable is one of the latest DROPTIC® products. Telenco networks' design office offers a 4 to 12 fibre, multi-purpose cable dedicated to building connections.

A cable adapted to all deployment configurations

The versatility of DROPTIC® LM040BK building connection cable is a real asset for installers as it can be used in different installation environments:

  • Overhead;
  • On a pole or façade;
  • For underground deployments by pulling;
  • For vertical distribution inside buildings.

With its LSZH sheath, the DROPTIC® LM040BK can be installed indoor and outdoor. Thanks to its small diameter of 4 mm, its resistance and its versatility, the LM040BK 12 FO is the ideal cable for building connections.

Resistance: the main asset of DROPTIC® LM040BK

The DROPTIC® LM040BK building connection cable has mechanical and thermal performances that makes it highly compatible with all the applications for which the cable is intended.

DROPTIC® LM040BK cable can be used in areas where the temperature can go from -40°C to +70°C. Installed with Telenco® 5/35 FTTH R or Arobase anchor clamps over spans of 50 metres, it can withstand permanent winds of 115 km/h. Its FRP and aramid reinforced structure also gives it a crush resistance of up to 200 kg and an impact resistance of up to 5 J, without any attenuation of the optical fibres, thus preventing any mechanical risk during installation, such as pedestrian traffic or stapling to walls.

Adaptable to the connection configuration

The LM040BK is a small size 4mm building connection cable that can hold 4, 6, 8 or 12 G.657A2 fibres. Available in black, it is packaged in 1500m reels. However, it is available on request in white, in short lengths and pre-connectorised or not.

Designed for high performance

The LM040BK building connection cable is designed with two FRPs embedded in the sheath, aramid reinforcements, and sealing elements. A 2 to 12 fibre G.657A2 micromodule is inserted into the cable.

Main characteristics

  • 4.1mm diameter
  • Black LSZH sheath
  • 400N tensile strength for durable aerial installation
  • 700N tensile strength for underground deployments over distances of a few hundred metres
  • 200kg crush resistance
  • 5J impact strength
  • Fire performance: DCA S1D1A1 to not contribute to the spread of fire in the event of a fire

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