1 Jul 2021

The Eline® Indoor Intermediate Distribution Point

Telenco has developed a new FTTH/ FTTP connectivity solution: the Eline® indoor modular optical terminal point. At the core of the residential cabling system, this fibre optic box with the appearance of a circuit-breaker enables the reliable distribution of a stable optical signal in the entire home, without using the WiFi. Multi-purpose product, this optical terminal box can also be used as an optical telecommunications outlet.

A reliable FTTH / FTTP indoor optical distribution solution

Since 2016, in France, new dwellings – single or multiple-, must be equipped with an indoor communication installation also know as a star-shaped cabling or a structured cabling panel. Inside this small cabinet, passive equipment such as a patching panel, Ethernet outlets and terminal boxes for twisted-pair copper and fibre optics enable the management and the distribution of communication services throughout the home.

At the center of this network topology there is the Indoor Intermediate Distribution Point, a circuit breaker sized optical box directly linked to the Internet box which further carries the signal to every chosen room in the house, without however using the WiFi. This indoor structured cabling system ensures an excellent stability of the optical signal and improved performances than those registered with the use of wireless technologies.

Designed as a multifunction, compact and intuitive FTTH / FTTP solution

Driven by its expertise in FTTH telecom infrastructures, from outside plant roll-outs to indoor subscriber connection, Telenco networks has developed an indoor terminal box that meets the challenges of new constructions homes’ structured cabling systems and to the latest French standard specifying provisions on residential cabling system “THD READY”. Thus, the new Eline® optrical box :

1. Centralizes the optical distribution in the house

This Indoor Intermediate Distribution Point enables to link the ISP network to the subscriber’s network. It is from this small optical box that telecom field technicians can perform an intermediate test of the subscriber’s communication line. Upstrem, this optical box is linked to an Outdoor Optical Distribution Point, mounted on a pole or a facade in the case of enabling network access within a SDUs, or to a Floor Distribution Box, for MDUs.

Downstream, the fibre optic cable(s) coming out from this box is (are) connected by a simple plug-in action to the Internet box. This latter is equipped with Ethernet ports allowing telecommunications services (telephone, television, Internet) to be distributed as pleased by simply connecting the corresponding Ethernet outlets in the communication panel.

It results thus a modular wired optical network, configured according the subscriber’s communications needs.

The Eline® Indoor Intermediate Distribution Point can also be used as an Optical Telecommunications Outlet, mounted on a DIN rail inside the communication panel.

2. Provides mechanical protection for the optical equipment

The structuring of the optical cabling via the communication panel enables to reduce at most the risk of tearing off the installation or damaging the outer sheath of the FO cable. The optical cabling system is thus optimised to provide for a longer service life and guaranteed optical performances.

3. One-click installation on all type of communication panels

Due to its circuit breaker design, this Eline® box is compatible with all communication panels. It clips onto a DIN rail very easily and quickly and occupies no more than one module for the 1FO and 2FO versions, and 2 modules for the 4FO version. To meet all subscriber connection techniques, this FTTH box is available in a version for splicing applications and a pre-terminated one. With a compact and intuitive design, the Eline® Indoor Intermediate Distribution Point presents colour-coded flaps as cable outputs, allowing for an easy connectivity identification.

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