16 Mar 2021

Telenco LATAM, the key partner for FTTH & FTTB roll-outs in Latin America

To support the fibre optic boom throughout Latin America, Telenco LATAM offers passive network equipment developed for meeting the needs of each market. Due to a local presence, a full catalogue of FTTH connectivity solutions and a design office with a sharp expertise in telecom infrastructures, Telenco LATAM is a strategic partner for developing fibre optic networks across the South American continent.

Latin America to register the fastest growing FTTH/B market in the world

South America is the third region in the world in terms of FTTH/B infrastructure roll-outs, just behind Asia and Europe. If the trend continues, Latin America is expected to catch up and even overtake Europe by 2024. Therefore, LATAM will double its FTTH/B deployment rate between 2018 and 2024.

While the number of subscribers to ultrafast broadband networks is growing exponentially in Latin America, differences can be noticed between the different countries and even between regions within the same country.

Mexico invests massively into fibre to provide « Internet for all »

Just like Europe, Mexico has set itself ambitious goals to fast pace the development of very high-speed networks throughout its territory by 2024. Indeed, the Federal Commission for Electricity (CFE) announced at the end of 2020 an investment of around 550 million dollars for the expansion of Internet infrastructures. Through the “Internet for all” programme, the CFE aims to implement 220,000 free Internet access points, but also to extend the access to ultrafast broadband networks to 130,000 towns and to adapt the existing infrastructure so to enable “large data transfer capacity”.

+ 5.6 million FO connections enabled in 2020 in Mexico
+ 500 000km of fibre optics deployed in Mexico in 2020
+ 250,000 m² of data centers in 2020 in Mexico

Telenco LATAM : an expert in FTTH networks at the service of South American telecom players

Subsidiary of Telenco, Telenco LATAM established in Mexico in 2017. From its sales office based in Mexico City, the company supports South American telecom players in their fibre roll-out projects. The company’s ambition is to provide network equipment adapted to the needs of this eclectic market, while also adding relevant expertise in telecom infrastructures, and particularly in FTTH networks.

Telenco LATAM benefits from all the know-how of Telenco networks, designer, manufacturer and exporter of a complete offer of passive network equipments for the deployment of FTTH infrastructures. The Telenco networks’ catalogue keeps on extending for more than 20 years to provide the most suitable telecom solutions to each market’s needs and challenges

Telenco has demonstrated a great ability to adapt to technological developments. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary design-office and to its expert teams permanently seeking customer satisfaction, the company has been able to enhance and diversify its offer of systems for copper wired telecommunications networks with innovative FTTH solutions. Expert in telecom infrastructures, Telenco networks is keen and able to provide solutions for the deployment of 5G networks.

An offer of network equipment tailored for the Mexican market

By closely supporting the Mexican telecom players, Telenco LATAM has been able to bring a complete offer of network equipment, designed to meet their needs. From the pole’s top to the customer’s premises, the company provides all the required passive equipment for developing fibre-based very high-speed networks. Thus, the Droptic® aerial cable is developed to offer good wind resistance and high mechanical strength, while also being compatible with Field Mountable Connectors. Aerial optical cables can be suspended in overhead layouts by using helical dead-endings or FTTH drop clamps, depending on the network configuration. For the pole line hardware mounting such as pole brackets, pole bands and compatible buckles are available.

To bring the optical signal to the households and businesses, Telenco LATAM also provides optical distribution boxes such as PBO G. Telenco LATAM offers a full catalogue of FTTH connectivity solutions including scalable optical distribution boxes and drop cables, allowing telecom players to anticipate future connections while also reducing CAPEX.

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